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to try to ensnare them on foot. But3 like wolves,
wild horses are very curious animals; they will
follow a person for miles out of mere curiosity.
And, when chased, they will invariably turn back
on their trails to see what it is all about; what
their pursuers look like; what they are up to.

The big timber-wolves would do the same, when
we were travelling in the North Country. They
would trot along behind us all day. When we
would stop,, they would stop., and stand motion-
less and look at us with one foot raised; and when
we would start again, they would continue to
follow us. If we made a noise at them they
would jump back and hide behind the nearest
bush. From then on, they would keep out of
sight., but whenever we looked back we would see
them peeping at us from behind the farthest bush.

They used to scare us children, but our fathers
told us not to be scared; the wolves would not
hurt us; they were just curious about usó
although3 they said, if the wolves followed us all
day they might try to snatch off our dogs when
we camped that night. So they told us boys
who were travelling in the rear to keep trying to
*shoo' them away before we should make camp
for the night. Wolves like dog-meat better than
any other, though male wolves will never harm
a female dog,

But with  the wild  horses it was  different.